[webkit-dev] build-related improvements I'm thinking of

Darin Adler darin at apple.com
Fri Jun 10 10:49:44 PDT 2005

Here are a few things I'd like to improve that are build-related:

     1) The run-webkit-tests script doesn't work yet for Xcode 2.1  
users. Should be easy to fix and I want to do that.

     2) I want to figure out why many of the Mozilla JavaScript tests  
are failing for people other than the Safari team. For us, the  
expected and actual results currently match on TOT, but for most  
others there are many unexpected successes and many unexpected  
failures. Need to fix that.

     3) I don't like the way you have to pass the build style into  
every script now -- if you want to use Development build style you  
have to pass it to every single command, and run-safari has a pretty  
weak heuristic where it looks in multiple directories that could lead  
to running the wrong Safari binary. I want to put a "default build  
style" file inside the product build directory, have a script to set  
that, and have all the other scripts obey that unless you explicitly  
specify Development or Deployment style. Other details: I want the  
script that changes build styles to clean out the build directories  
if you are using Xcode 2.0 but not if you are using Xcode 2.1.

     4) I want to update the building page <http:// 
webkit.opendarwin.org/building/build.html> to remove step 1, since  
setting the build preference for Xcode is no longer necessary.

I'm posting this to the list today in case someone has other ideas  
and wants to stop me or advise me.

I wonder if I should put any of these into Bugzilla.

     -- Darin

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