[webkit-dev] Mouse-scroll speed different with new WebKit components?

Andrew Wellington proton at wiretapped.net
Wed Jun 8 06:55:01 PDT 2005

This is intended behaviour:

 From IRC earlier today:
16:28 < hyatt> anyone using the new web kit with a mouse wheel?
16:28 < hyatt> we fixed mouse wheel scrolling so that it moves a  
greater distance now
16:28 < hyatt> so wheeling feels much faster


On 08/06/2005, at 11:44 PM, Kevin T. Broderick wrote:

> I've managed to build the new WebKit (updated as of this morning),  
> and I noticed that scrolling with the mouse wheel seems to happen  
> faster with the new WebKit than with the frameworks shipped with  
> 10.4.1.  I'm running 10.4.1, compiled the new WebKit with XCode  
> 2.0, and confirmed the difference by opening the same RSS feed in  
> both "normal-Safari" and "updated-Safari"; three clicks on the  
> wheel with "normal-Safari" scroll just far enough to hide the first  
> article's abstract, whereas three clicks on "updated-Safari" hide  
> almost three abstracts.
> Should I go ahead and file a bug on this?

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