[webkit-dev] Mouse-scroll speed different with new WebKit components?

Kevin T. Broderick kbroderick at smcvt.edu
Wed Jun 8 06:44:45 PDT 2005

I've managed to build the new WebKit (updated as of this morning),  
and I noticed that scrolling with the mouse wheel seems to happen  
faster with the new WebKit than with the frameworks shipped with  
10.4.1.  I'm running 10.4.1, compiled the new WebKit with XCode 2.0,  
and confirmed the difference by opening the same RSS feed in both  
"normal-Safari" and "updated-Safari"; three clicks on the wheel with  
"normal-Safari" scroll just far enough to hide the first article's  
abstract, whereas three clicks on "updated-Safari" hide almost three  

Should I go ahead and file a bug on this?

Kevin Broderick / kbroderick at smcvt.edu

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