[webkit-dev] Still more build problems

Kurt Kohler kohler at ao.com
Sun Jul 31 19:14:20 PDT 2005

Darin Adler wrote:

> On Jul 31, 2005, at 3:01 PM, Kurt Kohler wrote:
>> I haven't been able to build webkit from the the anonymous cvs 
>> repository for over a week. The error I get appears to be the same 
>> one mentioned in the build wiki "I get weird errors about being 
>> unable to find WebKitSystemInterface.h".
> It's hard to diagnose stuff like this over email; easier on IRC if 
> you get a chance to visit there.

  I probably shouldn't admit this, but I've never used IRC. I can
probably learn, although I have a low threshold for arcane commands.

> But you can look in the "Deployment" directory inside your build 
> results directory. There should be a directory named "usr" there and 
> inside that "local" and inside that "include" and inside that 
> "WebKitSystemInterface.h". The script "build-webkit" puts the file 
> there.

  I just double checked. The file is there.

> If the file isn't there, then there's something wrong with how "build-
> webkit" puts it there.
> If the file is there, then there's something wrong with how the 
> WebKit project finds it.
> Make sure you have a clean tree with no changes to the project. One 
> thing you might want to try is removing the "WebKit.xcodeproj" 
> directory and then re-updating to get it back.

  I've done that. In fact I removed my build directory as well as all of
the .xcodeproj files. No joy.

  I also cleared the SharedPrecompiledHeaders folder. That didn't change
anything either.

  I could always blow away the entire project and redownload everything,
but that wouldn't help find where the problem lies.

  I just had a thought. Could it possibly have something to do with my
XCode preferences?


>     -- Darin

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