[webkit-dev] submit as a bug when browser sniffing is used?

David Storey storey.david at gmail.com
Sun Jul 3 10:39:58 PDT 2005

Should a bug be reported if a site uses browser sniffing?  I wanted to 
watch the webcasts of  Live 8, but the AOL site that handles them 
brings up "We're sorry, Safari is not currently available. We recommend 
AOL Client or  Firefox . Check back for more LIVE 8!"

I has a quick look at the source and there were a number of if 
(!isSafari) statements in the code.  I'm not sure if they are there 
cause it wasn't working in safari or for political reasons.  It would 
be a strange choice to block safari when there is an iTunes + iPod ad 
on the page and aol has/had a deal with itms.  Its frustrating as it 
seems to use windows media player, so if you open it in firefox it just 
says the plug in is missing and so can;t play it (unlike safari that 
usually opens the standalone player).

If it should be submitted as a bug, i'll try to look further at the 
source code and do a reduction with what is wrong.


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