[webkit-dev] JavaScriptCore Win32 update

Justin Haygood justin at xiondigital.net
Sun Jul 3 09:57:22 PDT 2005

The conversative GC still appears to give problems, even though I 
narrowed it down, getting that stackbase pointer is tricky! Even using 
the register which supposedely stores it doesn't work, even tho the 
crash no longer appears in collector.cpp, it now appears in value.cpp 
(but i still believe it has to do with corruption caused by the GC)

But, testkjs now has the following results:

19 tests fixed (good!), 104 regressions found

967 test(s) selected, 962 test(s) completed, 245 failures reported 
(25.46% failed)

Of those 245, most are really buggy JavaScriptCore completely and 
totally dieing. But as can be seen, its almost ready for primetime. Alot 
of the code is ported over, and it works really nicely as long as the GC 
doesn't kick in. In fact, if anyone has alot of RAM handy (my 512 ain't 
enough :( ) on  a Wintel machine, i'll send the source to them, and let 
them try running it w/o the GC enabled and see if its as stable as the 
OS X version. Reason alot of RAM? without that GC, some tests can use 
alot of RAM. the biggest ive seen was 450, XP promptly BSODed when it 
tried to use a tiny bit more (out of physical RAM, couldnt page ANYTHING 

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