[webkit-dev] DOS in Safari/WebKit?

Kurt Kohler kohler at ao.com
Fri Dec 23 10:22:54 PST 2005

John Sullivan wrote:
>>> We don't check against a hard limit but TOT will no longer crash or
>>> overwrite memory (try it). We now detect the allocation failure. But
>>> it might be good to also set a hard upper limit on rowspans.
>>> Regards,
>>> Maciej
>> Wearing belt AND suspenders never hurts, right? Until there's a
>> performance hit, I don't see that you can have too many checks.
> Any time you put in a hard limit for something, you run the risk of
> running into a legitimate case where the hard limit is exceeded. So
> it's not just a "belt and suspenders" issue -- there is a real
> downside for this kind of change.
Absolutely! Whatever limit you choose, someone will want more. I didn't
word what I said very well.
>> A lot of people seem to be interpreting it as a security hole in spite
>> of the fact that the report says Safari will "crash, and or execute
>> arbitrary code." I suppose that "and or" maybe gives them an out, but do
>> they truly believe that _every_ crashing bug is exploitable?
> They aren't thinking at all, is my guess. One person somewhere found a
> reproducible crash, and somehow got the idea that it was potentially a
> security risk, and he wrote that down somewhere, and everyone else is
> just repeating it without thinking.
> John
Well except that the report is from a "company",  although of course it
could be just the one guy. People are definitely giving it more credence
than it deserves.

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