[webkit-dev] DOS in Safari/WebKit?

Kurt Kohler kohler at ao.com
Thu Dec 22 22:40:23 PST 2005

Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
> On Dec 22, 2005, at 6:48 PM, Kurt Kohler wrote:
>> I haven't been following the chat room so I might have missed it, but
>> I'm surprised there hasn't been any discussion here about the "denial of
>> service" bug reported at the following URL.
>> http://www.security-protocols.com/advisory/sp-x22-advisory.txt
>> I don't want to jump to conclusions, but we're talking about open source
>> software here. He could have fixed it himself or at least filed a
>> Bugzilla report. As far as I can tell he did neither. He does claim to
>> have reported it to Apple. Is it in radar perhaps?
> It is in Radar.
> I don't recall ever getting proof of the "execute arbitrary code"
> exploitability. We don't usually treat crashers as security bugs,
> because then every reproducible crash would count as a security
> exploit and that's not really reasonable given how many there are.
> Can't comment on when/whether this will make it to a security update.
>> I'll wait before I say what I think about this guy. I don't want to be
>> slanderous without cause.
>> BTW I saw a claim elsewhere that it had been fixed in the nightlies, but
>> it looks like as of a few minutes ago ensureRows in TOT still has the
>> problem (it does a resize with a value that doesn't appear to be checked
>> against any limit).
> We don't check against a hard limit but TOT will no longer crash or
> overwrite memory (try it). We now detect the allocation failure. But
> it might be good to also set a hard upper limit on rowspans.
> Regards,
> Maciej
Wearing belt AND suspenders never hurts, right? Until there's a
performance hit, I don't see that you can have too many checks.

A lot of people seem to be interpreting it as a security hole in spite
of the fact that the report says Safari will "crash, and or execute
arbitrary code." I suppose that "and or" maybe gives them an out, but do
they truly believe that _every_ crashing bug is exploitable?

I know how I'd feel if somebody pulled a stunt like this on me!  I'm
probably over-reacting, but it really annoys me!


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