[webkit-dev] New rules for code submission

Maciej Stachowiak mjs at apple.com
Mon Dec 5 13:59:29 PST 2005

Hi everyone,

To make life easier on committers, and to maintain the legal  
integrity of the WebKit code base, we're asking WebKit contributors  
to include a few more things with their code submissions.

Copyright notice and license - For existing files where you have made  
your own changes, please include your own copyright notice at the  
top, and make sure you are ok with the existing license terms. For  
new files, please also make sure to add the appropriate license. If  
you have included changes from anyone else, or from another project,  
such as the KDE version of khtml, please make sure to also include  
the appropriate copyright notices and licenses from that project.

Test cases - Test cases and expected results should be included in  
the patch, and not just attached as separate files. This makes life  
easier for commiters.

ChangeLog entry - Please include an appropriate ChangeLog entry with  
your patch, mentioning the bug number and describing the change. That  
way the commiter won't have to write one for you.

Those submitting code, please make sure to include these things.  
Reviewers and submitters, make sure to check for these new requirements.

The copyright notices are especially important.  For brand new code  
changes, we need them to indicate that the author agrees to  
distribute the code under the same license, and for code copied from  
other projects it is essential that we do not violate their licenses.

Therefore, we'd like to ask you to find the time to give us copyright  
information for any past contributions, with a brief note that you  
agree to the license on the affected files. If you've submitted a lot  
of different changes, we can probably find what files you have  
modified from the ChangeLog. But we still need to know how you would  
like to be listed on the copyright notice.


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