[webkit-dev] Re: WebKit for Panther

Mark Thomas maillists at coderus.com
Wed Aug 24 08:41:17 PDT 2005

>> So that the idea/theory, and I guess when I understand more fully what/how
>> the WebKit has done it will give me an idea on the way forward. I'm hoping
>> that if it was the WebKit team idea that there would be PC version available
>> then the reliance on private API should be phase out from the source.
> This argument makes very little sense. WebKit is not going to be
> ported to Windows (which is what I presume you mean). What has been
> proposed is having the infrastructure for the GTK integration effort
> for WebCore rolled into CVS.

  Well, I might have miss understood what the WebKit team were talking about
in "the future" at their WebKit Open Source session at WWDC, as I thought
one of the team talked if there was such a breast it would help corporate's
test their websites easily.

   And I saw that someone had ported one of the modules, so thought it might
be underway but haven't really followed this.

> How that would affect WebKit's SPI use is
> beyond me. (It sucks that it's necessary for WebKit to use SPI, but
> it's kind of understandable that WebKit adopts technologies which are
> added in new OS releases.)
  It also does concern me as well, as I remember Microsoft got a official
slapped hand when using private APIs for their products, so I hope that
Apple doesn't continue this.


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