[webkit-dev] WebKit for Panther

Finlay Dobbie finlay.dobbie at gmail.com
Wed Aug 24 05:32:47 PDT 2005

On 24/08/05, Mark Thomas <maillists at coderus.com> wrote:
>    So one thing which is confusing here that there has been recently a
> 10.3.9 security updates which have had safari updates within them, so how
> have they managed to build it for 10.3. I believed that this cvs tree was
> their whole cvs ?

Well, they took the 312 branch and patched it a bit, and then built
that. Apple has never had any trouble with building 312 on Panther,
since they can use their own SPI headers. This is completely unrelated
to being able to build ToT on Panther, since ToT is post-412.

>     As I thought that maybe the 10.4 deployed built framework would work,
> that that is a no goer, as hits problems.
>    Anybody know, ideally I would like to keep to 10.4, but customers don't
> update when you tell them.    

You shouldn't really be shipping your own WebKit in your app if
possible. WebKit uses SPI, and as such is not guaranteed to work on
future releases of the OS. Apple knows that as their SPI change, they
can roll out new versions of all their components which depend on it.
Unfortunately, you probably don't have that luxury.

 -- Finlay

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