[webkit-dev] Use PyObjC so we can test our Objective-C API in a way similar to layout tests?

Trey Matteson trey at usa.net
Sat Aug 6 13:56:43 PDT 2005

I haven't used the bridge, but I think Python would be an awesome  
language for writing test scripts.  I like that it gets rid of the  
write-only nature of Perl.  Because of its support for lambdas and a  
functional style of programming, I think it's well suited for  
concisely executing a cart load of test permutations, and for  
factoring out the boiler plate from the tests.

There is also the huge support advantage that the PyObjC creator is  
an Apple engineer.


On Aug 6, 2005, at 11:41 AM, Darin Adler wrote:

> I'd like to see us figure out a way to use PyObjC or some other  
> similar technology to do tests that are like our layout tests. This  
> would be superior to actual Objective-C because we wouldn't have to  
> compile all the test programs. Recently I've been seeing an  
> increasing number of bugs in our Objective-C DOM and wanting tests  
> that could regression test that the way our layout tests can do  
> regression tests for JavaScript and HTML issues.
> Anyone interested in this? Any thoughts on whether it's practical?
>     -- Darin
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