[wpe-webkit] WPE on Intel Altera Cyclone V

Olof Winge olof.winge at se.com
Wed Sep 13 00:01:24 PDT 2023


I have a question on getting WPE to run on an Intel Altera Cyclone V.

Today we are running a version of QTWebkit from quite a long time ago. While it works for the current UI that we have it is starting to show its age and have a hard time running more modern web technologies.
We looked into running GTKwebkit which proved difficult. The reason being that the Cyclone V lacks any kind of hardware acceleration for graphics.

But then we found this project. Which looks very interesting.

My question is simply this, is it possible to get WPE running without any kind of hardware acceleration? What would that entail for a backend to WPE?

Apologies if the question is badly formed, coming from a pure embedded world without graphics my knowledge in this area is very limited.

Thanks in advance for any answers

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