[wpe-webkit] Removing wpe-webkit-1.1 API version?

Michael Catanzaro mcatanzaro at redhat.com
Sat Mar 4 10:16:29 PST 2023

Hi, currently there are three WPE WebKit API versions:

2.0: This is new API version containing several breaking changes. It is 
currently unstable but should become stable within the next two weeks 
when WPE WebKit 2.40.0 is released. Uses libsoup 3.

1.1: Old API version, uses libsoup 3

1.0: Old API version, uses libsoup 2

I suspect nobody is actually using 1.1? Now that the 2.40 branch has 
been created, can we get rid of it so we don't have three different API 
versions in 2.42?

(Honestly, it would be nice to remove 1.0 as well. ;)


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