[wpe-webkit] WPE WebKit 2.39.5 released

Adrian Perez de Castro aperez at igalia.com
Thu Jan 19 06:10:43 PST 2023

WPE WebKit 2.39.5 is available for download at:

https://wpewebkit.org/releases/wpewebkit-2.39.5.tar.xz (35.8 MiB)
   md5sum: d46d9abddd4f5352cd2247e925ac0332
   sha1sum: ea91ce4b2fb93fd538ab48d5fa262bce84576c31
   sha256sum: 0c8d256349cbccbc7080992e590456c8a66690dbe547f2d481c86ac18cee5ef0

This is a development release leading towards the 2.40 series.

## What's new in WPE WebKit 2.39.5?

- Use ANGLE for the WebGL implementation and enable WebGL 2.
- Add support for background-repeat: space.
- Add API to check if a response policy decision is for the main resource.
- Add support for the "get computed label" and "get computed role"
  WebDriver commands.
- Add API to support asynchronously returning values from user script messages.
- Add API to query the permission state of web features.
- Add API to disable Web security.
- Add support for client side certificates on WebSocket connections.
- Add webkit_web_hit_test_result_get_js_node() to get the JSCValue for the node.
- Add WebKitWebFormManager and deprecate WebKitWebPage form related signals.
- Make checkbox, radio and inner spin button scale along by page zoom.
- Use async scrolling also for keyboard scrolling.
- Deprecate the WebKitConsoleMessage API.
- Deprecate the event parameter of WebKitWebView::context-menu and
  WebKitWebView::show-option-menu signals in favor of a getter in
  WebKitContextMenu and WebKitOptionMenu.
- Do not emit context-menu signals for the media settings popup menu.
- Do not perform position queries on the video sink when a player
  is for audio only.
- Fix WebGL when sandbox is enabled.
- Fix loading of media documents.
- Fix first party for cookies set on every media request.
- Fix gibberish text when loading alternate data.
- Fix rendering of checkbox and radio buttons on black backgrounds.
- Fix several crashes and rendering issues.
- Fix several warnings when building for ARMv7 (32-bits).
- Fix web process leak when webkit_download_set_destination() is called
  with en empty destination.

## What is WPE WebKit?

WPE WebKit is an embeddable port of the WebKit rendering engine.
Offering WebKit's full functionality through a set of GObject-based
APIs, it is suitable for projects requiring any kind of web
integration, from hybrid HTML/CSS applications to full-fledged web

## More Information

If you want to know more about the project or get in touch with use
you may:

- Visit our website at https://wpewebkit.org or the upstream
  site at https://webkit.org - people interested in contributing
  should read https://webkit.org/coding/contributing.html

- Browse the bug list at https://bugs.webkit.org
  A bug report with a minimal, reproducible test cases is often just
  as valuable as a patch.

- Join the chat at #wpe channel at irc.oftc.net, or the #wpe:matrix.org room

- Subscribe to the webkit-wpe at lists.webkit.org mailing list,
  or the WebKit general development mailing list

## Thanks

Thanks to all the contributors who made this release possible.

The WPE WebKit Team,
January 19th, 2023
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