[wpe-webkit] Cog 0.11.90 released

Adrian Perez de Castro aperez at igalia.com
Thu Nov 11 08:19:18 PST 2021

Cog 0.11.90 is available for download at:

https://wpewebkit.org/releases/cog-0.11.90.tar.xz (109.4 KiB)
   md5sum: 4e731010fc948fa156822f1868d63df7
   sha1sum: 9751bee357a72713323da8f8c180e825b4d783a1
   sha256sum: baf79b221e6297c533f98dad54a9715c7d55d6a1af1997e566705bc51e8ab228

This is a development release leading towards the 0.12 series.

## What's new in Cog 0.11.90?

- core: Removed cog_platform_teardown(), deinitilization of platform
  plug-in implementations is now done automatically as part of object
- core: Fixed building the documentation when using libsoup3.
- drm: Fixed two small memory leaks during initialization.

## What is Cog?

Cog is a suite of utilities for the WPE WebKit port, including a reusable
library (libcogcore), a launcher (named "cog" as well) suitable to be
used as a Web application container and a reusable library, and a tool
to control the launcher remotely (cogctl) using D-Bus.

## More Information

If you want to know more about the project or get in touch with use
you may:

- Visit our website at https://wpewebkit.org or the upstream
  site at https://webkit.org - people interested in contributing
  should read https://webkit.org/coding/contributing.html

- Browse the bug list at https://github.com/Igalia/cog/issues
  A bug report with a minimal, reproducible test cases is often just
  as valuable as a patch.

- Join the chat at #wpe channel at irc.oftc.net, or the #wpe:matrix.org room

- Subscribe to the webkit-wpe at lists.webkit.org mailing list,
  or the WebKit general development mailing list

## Thanks

Thanks to all the contributors who made this release possible.

The WPE WebKit Team,
November 11th, 2021

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