[wpe-webkit] HTML video tag suport in WPE

Enrique Ocaña González eocanha at igalia.com
Thu Feb 18 03:35:01 PST 2021

El martes, 16 de febrero de 2021 11:55:25 (CET) Harish Kulkarni escribió:

> I am newbie and want to learn and understand how HTML video tag is
> implemented and supported in WPE, as i plan to try it working on my
> platform.
> Any specific code you want me to keep looking at.. please write back.

You might want to have a look to the platform code in [1] (mainly to the 
MediaPlayerPrivateGStreamer files), to the multiplatform code in [2][3][4] and 
to the class diagram in [5]. The latter is focused on the Media Source 
Extensions player and a bit outdated since the recent AppendPipeline 
refactoring and the support for GPUProcess, but is a good overview that will 
set you in the right path.


[1] https://github.com/WebKit/WebKit/tree/main/Source/WebCore/platform/
[2] https://github.com/WebKit/WebKit/blob/main/Source/WebCore/html/ 
(HTMLMediaElement, HTMLVideoElement)
[3] https://github.com/WebKit/WebKit/tree/main/Source/WebCore/platform/
graphics (MediaPlayer, MediaPlayerPrivate)
[4] https://github.com/WebKit/WebKit/tree/main/Source/WebCore/Modules/
mediasource (MediaSource, SourceBufferList, SourceBuffer)
[5] https://es.slideshare.net/igalia/media-source-extension-on-webkit-gstreamer-conference-2017 (slide 4)

Enrique Ocaña

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