[wpe-webkit] Tests crashing - debug build: responsiveness & web process caching

Adrian Perez de Castro aperez at igalia.com
Thu Dec 9 13:05:34 PST 2021


On Tue, 07 Dec 2021 18:44:36 +0100 Krzysztof Konopko <kris at youview.com> wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 03, 2021 at 05:33:15PM +0100, Krzysztof Konopko wrote:
> > When upgrading WPE from 2.30.x to 2.34.1 in our integration, we
> > encountered some of our tests crashing.  I also checked WebKit WPE tests
> > (pulled from the main branch today) and some of them crash in the same
> > manner:  http://ix.io/3GTh
> >
> > Quite importantly, this is for *debug* builds where assertions are active.
> >
> > Crashes seem to be related to the responsiveness feature and web
> > process caching (upon termination).  Looks like object lifecycle is not
> > quite right upon destruction in this case (switching between weak and
> > strong references).  We didn't see this problem with 2.30.x.
> >
> > BTW, would be nice if there was a settings API to disable process
> > caching.  Some embedded integrations do not intend to reuse web
> > processes if they launch each web process instance in a separate
> > sandbox and do not use multiple tabs (only the main full-screen page).
> >
> > Basically, if we patch WebKit to not cache web process in the pool, then
> > all these problems go away (although still lurking in the code).
> >
> > Is this a known problem?  It's clearly present on WebKit main branch.
> After discussing it on #wpe IRC channel, submitted a bug:
> https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=233933

This got a fix just some moments ago, thanks again for reporting the issue!

I'll take care of backporting the patch to the 2.34.x release branch to have
it in the next release =)

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