[wpe-webkit] Tests crashing - debug build: responsiveness & web process caching

Krzysztof Konopko kris at youview.com
Fri Dec 3 08:33:15 PST 2021


When upgrading WPE from 2.30.x to 2.34.1 in our integration, we
encountered some of our tests crashing.  I also checked WebKit WPE tests
(pulled from the main branch today) and some of them crash in the same
manner:  http://ix.io/3GTh

Quite importantly, this is for *debug* builds where assertions are active.

Crashes seem to be related to the responsiveness feature and web
process caching (upon termination).  Looks like object lifecycle is not
quite right upon destruction in this case (switching between weak and
strong references).  We didn't see this problem with 2.30.x.

BTW, would be nice if there was a settings API to disable process
caching.  Some embedded integrations do not intend to reuse web
processes if they launch each web process instance in a separate
sandbox and do not use multiple tabs (only the main full-screen page).

Basically, if we patch WebKit to not cache web process in the pool, then
all these problems go away (although still lurking in the code).

Is this a known problem?  It's clearly present on WebKit main branch.

PS.  Apologies if this have been answered on #wpe IRC channel where I
asked about it.  Although I have a bouncer, I do sometimes have
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