[wpe-webkit] Issue with Media Events fired from callback

Johan Saji johansaji.dev at gmail.com
Tue Aug 25 10:19:45 PDT 2020

  I am trying to add a new Media Engine in the wpewebkit for playing
DVB/ATSC content using a custom library. I was able to add a minimal
implementation to use the library to enable the playback.

  But I am having issues with the events from the lower layer. I need to
register for media events in the library that i am using. The events
are happening asynchronous. For some reason, the events are not reaching
the html application. While debugging I could see that the `Timer` is also
not working inside the callback i.e. the timer is not getting executed if
it is started from the callback. Is this the expected for the callbacks?
   The events and the Timers are working when fine when fired from the same
context of the function call. Also verified this in the gstreamer. In
MediaPlayerPrivateGstreamer, Events are okey even from the callback.... Is
there any event loop that needs to be running for the events to work?

Hopping to get some insight on this strange behaviour

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