[wpe-webkit] Cog 0.3.91 released!

Andy Pont andy.pont at sdcsystems.com
Tue Sep 17 02:20:00 PDT 2019

Adrian wrote...

>Yes, that is right. Building the experimental DRM support and then launching
>with “cog --platform=drm-experimental …” will get you a single full-screen
>Web view directly using kernel services, without needing to run a Wayland
>compositor separately.
>Note that WPEBackend-fdo is still needed, which internally uses the Wayland
>libraries to share graphics buffers between Cog and the WPEWebProcess which
>does the actual rendering—in the end Wayland is just a fancy protocol that
>was designed with that use-case in mind. This means that you will need GPU
>drivers which expose a DRM device (that means there is a “/dev/dri/cardN”
>device node) and which support the Wayland-EGL extension. So far we have
>been mainly testing with Open Source drivers (Mesa) on Intel GPUs and the
>code is very new, and that's why it's considered experimental in Cog 0.4.x
I have a bunch of platforms here (Atmel SAMA5D2x, TI AM335x and i.MX6) 
all of which I have Yocto images create for. I’ll fire them up and see 
whether the /dev/dri/cardN devices get created or not. I’m happy to do 
some testing (probably with a little guidance) if it is possible to 
build suitable images using Yocto and meta-webkit.


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