[wpe-webkit] Screen size

Andy Pont andy.pont at sdcsystems.com
Wed Sep 4 02:04:38 PDT 2019

Adrian wrote…

>I did some quick grepping on the RDK backend source, and it looks like
>the WPE_INIT_VIEW_WIDTH and WPE_INIT_VIEW_HEIGHT environment variables
>can be set before launching Cog to define the initial size of the web
>It looks to me like the code could pass zero as width/height to the
>“fbCreateWindow()” function [1] to make the driver guess the framebuffer
>size automatically but maybe there is some reason why it does not.
>Anyway, I hope the environment variables work for you :)
Setting the environment variables has done the trick. I’m not sure 
whoever thought 1920x1080 was ever a sensible default resolution but 
there we go!


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