[wpe-webkit] Showing GPU feature states

Andy Pont andy.pont at sdcsystems.com
Tue Nov 5 09:19:06 PST 2019

Adrian wrote…

>>  In the hardware acceleration information it says:
>>  Policy - always
>>  WebGL - Yes
>>  API - OpenGL ES 2 (libepoxy)
>>  Native interface - EGL
>>  GL_RENDERER - Vivante GC880
>>  GL_VERSION - OpenGL ES 3.0 v6.2.4.p4.190076
>>  EGL_VERSION - 1.5
>>  Does that make sense for a platform using the wpebackend-rdk for the
>>  i.MX6?
>Yes, this looks correct ��
>From the GL_* strings I guess that this is using the proprietary Vivante GPU
>driver; the GL_VENDOR string would confirm that (if I recall correctly, if
>the Etnaviv Mesa driver would be used, the GL_RENDERER string would contain
Yes, we are using the proprietary Vivante GPU driver. We are trying to 
run the system without Wayland or X11 and the Etnaviv driver seems to 
require Wayland.

As far as I can tell, the GPU is being used correctly which still 
doesn’t explain why we see such poor performance on the benchmark 
website [1] we are using where we see single digit frame rates being 

Looking at the page source it seems it uses a call to getContext(“2d”) 
and then arc() and fill() calls to draw the circles on screen. Would we 
get better performance using WebGL or WebGL2 and rendering a 2D image 
into 3D space?


1 - https://themaninblue.com/experiment/AnimationBenchmark/canvas/
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