[wpe-webkit] Showing GPU feature states

Andy Pont andy.pont at sdcsystems.com
Tue Nov 5 04:24:05 PST 2019

Adrian wrote...

>>  >We have recently added support in WebKit [1] to produce a similar report
>>  >when loading “about:gpu”. Note that currently you will need to build WPE
>>  >WebKit from the repository; the upcoming 2.27.2 development release (which
>>  >I expect to release this week) will have the feature as well.
>>  I have looked at the changeset in the SVN repository and it makes mention of
>>  MiniBrowser which I can find in the source tree.  Do I need to include that
>>  in my Yocto build or will Cog equally well cope with the about:gpu URL?
>The WebKit MiniBrowser redirects “about:gpu” to “webkit://gpu”—which is the
>actual URI for the page.
>The “webkit://gpu“ URI will work fine in Cog without needing any changes; as
>long as you have a recent build of WPE WebKit which includes the needed patch
>(for example the 2.27.2 development release [1], or a build from “trunk”).

So I have my build now running with Cog 0.4.0 and WPE WebKit 2.27.2 and 
the webkit://gpu URL is working.  Despite having a 1920x1080 resolution 
screen and setting the default font size very small I’m still not 
convinced I am seeing all of the output and I don’t have a mechanism to 
be able to scroll the screen.

In the hardware acceleration information it says:

Policy - always
WebGL - Yes
API - OpenGL ES 2 (libepoxy)
Native interface - EGL
GL_RENDERER - Vivante GC880
GL_VERSION - OpenGL ES 3.0 v6.2.4.p4.190076

Does that make sense for a platform using the wpebackend-rdk for the 


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