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Munez Bn munezbn.dev at gmail.com
Tue Jun 18 09:28:03 PDT 2019

On Tue, Jun 18, 2019 at 7:03 PM Adrian Perez de Castro <aperez at igalia.com>

> Hello Munez,
> First of all: yes, the WebKitWebExtension API is supported in WPE WebKit,
> and I have successfully used it myself in a couple of projects — it works.
Thanks for confirming.

> On Sat, 08 Jun 2019 20:43:17 +0530, Munez Bn <munezbn.dev at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> > I had written a test webextension for WebKitGTK long back (WebKitGTK
> > 2.16.6). I wanted o test it with WPE 2.24.x (RPI3) and the page was not
> > launching. After debugging I found that JSContextGetGlobalObject() is
> > getting struck and never returns. Same extension when i Tried on
> WebKitGTK
> > 2.24.x on Fedora, I don't see this issue.
> >
> > static void
> > window_object_cleared_callback (WebKitScriptWorld *world,
> >                                 WebKitWebPage     *web_page,
> >                                 WebKitFrame       *frame,
> >                                 gpointer           user_data)
> > {
> >     JSGlobalContextRef globalContext;
> >     JSObjectRef        globalObject;
> >
> >     GRefPtr<JSCContext> jsContext =
> > doptGRef(webkit_frame_get_js_context_for_script_world(frame, world));
> >
> >     globalContext = jscContextGetJSContext(jsContext.get());
> >     globalObject = JSContextGetGlobalObject (globalContext);  --->
> Blocked
> > and doesn't return
> > ..........
> Is the function really blocked, or did the “WPEWebProcess” program crash?

There is no WebProcess crash, the call is  blocked in function  JSObjectRef
JSContextGetGlobalObject(JSContextRef ctx) at line  "JSLockHolder

I did a very quick check of the “JSContextGetGlobalObject” function and
> unless I missed something, the only way it can fail is if your build has
> assertions enabled and the the passed “JSContextRef” is null — there
> is “ASSERT_NOT_REACHED()” in that case.
Like I mentioned above, it has crossed ASSERT and struck at locker(vm) call.

> This “window_object_cleared_callback” function is not in the upstream
> WebKit
> sources... Is this is code from your own WebExtension, or have you patched
> WPE WebKit in any way?
It is my callback code of extension
    g_signal_connect (webkit_script_world_get_default (),
"window-object-cleared",  G_CALLBACK (window_object_cleared_callback),

In case the above is the code of your WebExtension, please update it to use
> the JSC GLib API [1] because the plain C JavaScriptCore API that this
> piece of
> code has never been public in WPE WebKit, and there is no stability
> guarantee
> for it.

 I realized this recently and started moving my code to use JSC GLIB API,
but I was not sure how to return native objects using JSC Gib API. Please
refer to my post in
Can you please help me answering above question? Basically i want something
like this, Create a File object ( GFile *) which has properties path and
size. Return this object to javascript code such that I can access its
properties path and size.
I was able to do this in JS object C API, But not sure how to do it in JSC
Glib API..

> Also, this is using the “GRefPtr”, which is internal to WebKit and
> the header that defines that is not even installed as part of the public
> API.
> Agree. I will update my code and give a try.

As a reminder: please use only public symbols from the installed API headers
> in software that uses WebKit.
> Agree.

> Best regards,
> —Adrián
> ---
> [1] https://webkitgtk.org/reference/jsc-glib/stable/index.html
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