[wpe-webkit] WPEWebKit and Widevine

Brandon Adkins badkins79 at msn.com
Thu Jan 24 10:39:51 PST 2019

>The GStreamer ports of WebKit currently lack container multi-track
>support in MSE. That is, every SourceBuffer can contain audio or video,
>but not both.

>Back then when the project was started and very few sites used this, it
>was not considered a priority since YouTube and many other sites always
>do that (after all, it's more space efficient in the server-side, since
>you don't need to duplicate the audio tracks), and the architecture
>chosen back in the day did not really accomodate it.

>This is of course still an issue I'm aware of and one I would like to
>fix eventually as I'm working on improving the design of the playback
>pipeline and our MSE implementation in general.

Ok. makes sense. So I assume the WPEWebkit port suffers from this same thing? And if so, even with this limitation in place, can the WPEWebkit port handle Netflix and Spotify?

Thanks again,

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