[wpe-webkit] Fate of wpebackend-rd and WpeLauncher

Adrian Perez de Castro aperez at igalia.com
Mon Sep 17 07:08:10 PDT 2018

Hello to both,

On Mon, 17 Sep 2018 13:11:37 +0000, Vanhauwaert Wouter <W.Vanhauwaert at TELEVIC.com> wrote:
> > Great. So you have tried  libwpe + Wpebackend-rdk ( imx6) . Any code
> > changes was required ?  And which launcher did you use ? COG or the
> > WpeLauncher ? I would like to try it on  RPI 3.
> > Anyway lets wait for someone to confim on  our questions.
> Well, assuming you also make use of wpewebkit-2.21.91, you don't have to
> change code. You only have to adapt the libwpe change in wpebackend-rdk as I
> mentioned in my pull request. Wpewebkit-2.20.2 still makes use of wpebackend
> instead of libwpe and old api if I'm not mistaken, so no need to change
> there.

This is correct. WPE WebKit 2.20.x still uses the 0.1 version of the API
(so it uses libWPEBackend, not libwpe), and the RDK backend should work
without needing changes.

For WPE WebKit 2.91.x (and 2.22.0, which will be available by Friday) API
version 0.2 is used (so it uses libwpe), and the RDK backend needs to be

> That's what I meant that development really looks a bit fuzzy right now, for
> people not really involved in the roadmap... I think it will all lighten up
> when 2.22 is released and things can all move forward in one hop.  I didn't
> try a launcher lately, I'm running from my application directly, using the
> gtk+-api

The 2.20.x releases were the first upstream official ones, and as such we
decided to not make much noise about them because we have been testing the
waters and trying out what works well and what not. We have been slowly
adding resources around WPE (Web page, mailing list, etc.) and also we took
advantage of the current situation —without many third parties using WPE— to
do bigger changes (like the WPEBackend→libwpe renaming) and bumping API

As you mention, with 2.22 everything will move “in one hop”, and from that
point onwards we are going to try our best to avoid introducing big changes
again. One of the things I am working on for the new stable release is
preparing blog posts about the state of WPE WebKit, which will also cover
some of the topics we have been discussing in this e-mail thread. I hope
that will help to communicate and make more visible what the evolution of
the project has been during this year :-)

Best regards,

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