[wpe-webkit] Fate of wpebackend-rd and WpeLauncher

Vanhauwaert Wouter W.Vanhauwaert at TELEVIC.com
Mon Sep 17 03:06:54 PDT 2018

> 	> wpebackend-fdo is added (doesn't have much idea on this)
> 	The idea for the FDO backend is that the backend does not “talk”
> directly to
> 	the display. Instead, it tries to be generic and provides a mechanism
> to
> 	notify the launcher when a frame has been rendered. Then the
> launcher can
> 	use the method it prefers to display the frames. In theory it should be
> 	possible to replace many backends with the FDO one, but not much
> has been
> 	done on that front.
> Sorry , I couldnt get it.  Is FDO a replacement for rdk backend or supplement.
> And also what if i don't want to use wayland. For example RPI uses
> Dispmanx. Can I use FDO + Dispmanx ?
> This was possible with wpebackend-rdk where I could use RPI port without
> wayland. I also saw there are some BCM ports which uses nexus instead of
> wayland.

I also want to elaborate a bit on the wpebackend-rdk story. I also don't know what the future will be or what the intentions here are. 
A few weeks ago, I already made a pull request to adapt wpebackend-rdk to the new libwpe. It is able to run fine together, but it seemed nobody replied to my pull-request, and also it was not very clear what to use now, so I closed it again... https://github.com/WebPlatformForEmbedded/WPEBackend-rdk/pull/26 
I also don't use wayland, but using the egl vivante-backend (imx6) directly (just as bcm/rpi). It looks like all efforts go to wpebackend-fdo now?

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