[wpe-webkit] Debugging options with wpewebkit

Aras Vaichas aras.vaichas at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 02:24:35 PDT 2018


what are my Javascript debugging options with wpewebkit?   e.g. where can i
see the output of console.log("my message"); ?

I'm using wpe on a standalone device that will not always have a network
connection, and I would like to be able to collect logs on running devices.

Is there a way to redirect this console to a file, or the terminal that
webkit is running in?

I understand there is the Webkit Inspector Server, and that I can start
this by setting:
export WEBKIT_INSPECTOR_SERVER=<port number>

Is there a Python/shell client that I could run on the target in order to
collect the logs?

I tried running the Webkit Inspector, and connecting via netcat, but I
wasn't able to get a response from the server. I imagine that I need to
send it a JSON string to start subscribing to console logs, etc.


Aras Vaichas
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