[wpe-webkit] WPE WebKit 2.20.0 released!

aperez at igalia.com aperez at igalia.com
Fri May 18 12:42:26 PDT 2018

WPE WebKit 2.20.0 is available for download at:

https://wpewebkit.org/releases/wpewebkit-2.20.0.tar.xz (14.7MB)
   md5sum: ba228301dc22ebfb86035f36dc5fb529
   sha1sum: 9dbed75280678270ad377f619f67d553813cd797
   sha256sum: 5a3b0428e18fce25c1b93832bcba8cad705b5dab3a0cd9cb0aacba9d7893f1a0

This is the first stable release in the 2.20 series.

What's new in the WPE WebKit 2.20.0 release?

  - Add support for the fullscreen API.
  - Fix build in architectures which need linking with libatomic to support atomic operations on 64-bit values.
  - Fix build failure when using the RaspberryPi userland GPU drivers in combination with GStreamer-GL.

What is WPE WebKit?
WPE WebKit is an embeddable port of the WebKit rendering engine.
Offering WebKit's full functionality through a set of GObject-based
APIs, it is suitable for projects requiring any kind of web
integration, from hybrid HTML/CSS applications to full-fledged web

More information

If you want to know more about the project or get in touch with us
you may:

- Visit our website at https://wpewebkit.org, or the upstream
  site at https://www.webkit.org. People interested in contributing
  should read: https://www.webkit.org/coding/contributing.html.

- Browse the bug list at https://bugs.webkit.org, WPE WebKit bugs are
  typically prefixed by "[WPE]." A bug report with a minimal,
  reproducible test case is often just as valuable as a patch.

- Join the #webkit IRC channel at irc.freenode.net.

- Subscribe to the WPE WebKit mailing list,
  https://lists.webkit.org/mailman/listinfo/webkit-wpe, or the
  WebKit development mailing list,


Thanks to all the contributors who made possible this release, they
are far too many to list!

The WPE WebKit team,
May 18, 2018

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