[wpe-webkit] Best way to expose native functionality to HTML

Johan Saji johansaji.dev at gmail.com
Fri Jun 8 08:26:54 PDT 2018

 I was looking into WPE webkit for last couple of months for a project.
previously we have been using QT Webkit. In Qt webkit, we have
qtwebkit-bridge for exposing native C++ objects to Javascript environment
to access these native functionality. We are looking for something similar
in WPE Webkit. We came across injected bundles in webkit for the same. Is
there a best method that you recommend.
While searching across the web saw your presentation in igalia site, in
that for a query, presenter is telling this is possible. Are you referring
to injected bundles....or is there another solution for this.

while using the Injected bundle,  we are seeing an issue that the
"settimout" call is not working in the callback function invoked from

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