[wpe-webkit] Alternate display of two browser instances

Gérald Gounot gerald.gounot at citymeo.fr
Thu Dec 20 05:44:51 PST 2018


I’m playing with WPE on Raspberry Pi for a while now and it’s awesome. WPE
developers surely did a great work on it!

Now I’m stuck with a double-browser setup and looking for advices about it.

My goal is to alternatively display two (or more) web pages so that the
loading page is hidden while the loaded page is being displayed.

I duplicated the WebKitBrowser.json file to get 2 running browser instances
and used the Suspend/Resume/Hide/Show commands to switch from one to the
other. The problem is that sometimes the commands do not work as expected.

In order to achieve a perfect control over the browsers displaying, I would
like to leverage the layer system provided by DispmanX. Unfortunately I
cannot find a way to change the layer on which a browser is displayed or
get a handle on which I could apply the
`vc_dispmanx_element_change_layer()` function.

Do you have some ideas on how I could achieve that?


Gérald Gounot
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