[wpe-webkit] What causes symbols to be visible?

Salisbury, Mark mark.salisbury at hp.com
Thu Aug 2 16:13:54 PDT 2018


I'm still using the old WebKit C API, (for example functions like WKPageLoadURLRequest).

However, after updating to tip of tree, none of these functions are visible anymore when I try to link a browser using the C API.

Only a few misc methods + glib style API methods are exported:

$ nm -g -D -C libWPEWebKit-0.1.so | grep -v "U " | more
         w __cxa_finalize
         w __gmon_start__
         w _ITM_deregisterTMCloneTable
         w _ITM_registerTMCloneTable
         w _Jv_RegisterClasses
003eae11 T NetworkProcessMainUnix
         w __pthread_key_create
         w pthread_once
003f9ebd T StorageProcessMainUnix
00408d6d T webkit_application_info_get_name
00408c89 T webkit_application_info_get_type
00408ddd T webkit_application_info_get_version
0042bdb1 T webkit_window_properties_get_resizable
0042bce1 T webkit_window_properties_get_scrollbars_visible
0042bc9d T webkit_window_properties_get_statusbar_visible
0042bc59 T webkit_window_properties_get_toolbar_visible
0042b919 T webkit_window_properties_get_type
00441d89 T WebProcessMainUnix

Both types of functions have __attribute__((visibility("default"))) (I checked pre-processor output).

Old C API functions use WK_EXPORT whereas the new glib API uses WEBKIT_API.  (But again, they both end up being __attribute__((visibility("default"))).

I notice that we're compiling and linking with -fvisibility-inlines-hidden, but not with -fvisibility=hidden...

Any ideas?

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