[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 271265] Web Inspector: Console code completion doesn't suggest variables unless inspector is re-opened

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Fri Mar 29 11:52:43 PDT 2024


--- Comment #2 from Qianlang Chen <qianlangchen at apple.com> ---
Similar to new variables created while the console is open not being suggested immediately, if you reload the page while the console is open, the old variables technically get cleared by are still included in the suggestions.

Try this:
   1. Open inspector's console
   2. Run
       myVariable = 3
   3. Close and reopen the inspector. Go to console
   4. Reload the page with the console still open
   5. Type my
      => See that myVariable is still being suggested, but if you follow the suggestion and run `myVariable`, you get a ReferenceError as expected

This is hinting at the console's suggestion list not being in sync with the code's state. (And it only fetches the up-to-date list of suggestion when inspector launches?)

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