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Understood. With this update, I realize these are unlinked.
The culprit is the GNOME 46 Flatpak runtime. GNOME Web and Newsflash are affected, but installing Foliate from my distro's repo and Wike from Flatpak, which have not been updated, the issue does not occur.

The Matrix chat informs me that GNOME 46 updated to GTK 4.14, which introduces native fractional scaling (as opposed to the previous upscaling solution). This blurriness only affects webkitgtk apps, however, which suggests the problem lies in the way it deals with the new fractional scaling method.

Quote from user kepstin: "(either epiphany or webkitgtk have to apply some workarounds to figure out how the widget is misaligned from the pixel grid, and then compensate for that when rendering the contents to bring things back into alignment)"

They also linked to this: https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gtk/-/issues/6381

I am also attaching another screenshot to provide a better comparison, but due to my screen's resolution, you may need to a good image viewer and zoom in to notice the difference.

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