[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 271653] [WPE] Holepunch doesn't work when the video element has rounded corners

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--- Comment #1 from Miguel Gomez <magomez at igalia.com> ---
In the end I came up with a solution to perform the rounded rectangle clipping without the need of blending.

The idea is to discard the fragments that are out of the rectangle in the fragment shader, instead of painting them transparent as we're doing now.

The difference between blending being enabled or not is whether we can do some antialiasing on the pixels that are on the border of the rounded corners. When blending is enabled, we can reduce the opacity of those pixels depending on how much they are inside the rect, which improves the visual result.

On the other hand, when blending is disabled we can't use that strategy, so the result will be visually worse. The good thing is that the only case where blending will be disabled is when we're rendering a holepunch buffer, to that should be ok,

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