[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 269302] REGRESSION (STP - ToT): 2.3x memory use increase on Figma

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--- Comment #9 from Dinesh Kumar Vyas <dinodev90 at gmail.com> ---

The issue looks related to `ENABLE_REMOTE_LAYER_TREE_ON_MAC_BY_DEFAULT` and we use drawing area type as `DrawingAreaType::RemoteLayerTree`. When we use STP or Safari, GPU process has additional private entitlements for memory management, so GPU process don't cause higher memory uses and that's why there's no memory leak, as all memory allocation and deallocation is performed on WebProcess. 

But in public builds, there's no private entitlements for memory management support in GPU process, so GPU process handles all allocations, but it's not freeing mamory back when needed, and causing memory leak.

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