[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 270738] Right clicking a link highlights children

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--- Comment #2 from brisker-sleep-0m at icloud.com ---
Well coming from Firefox it's strange to me (they don't do it).

Another thing is that when you do it to something that's not just a link, it honestly looks just messed up, like when people but whole chunks of other DOM in <a> tags. (see screenshot of Google results).
That only gets worse and more messe the more stuff websites cram in there (see other screenshot of a tech news website).

Having checked Chrome they seem to do it as well, but it might be intermittence when Webkit became Blink.

IMO it just hurts readability in general when it highlights a whole chunk of nested DOM structure since it kinda lights up like a Christmas tree.

If that's intended behaviour though I guess that's "fine" but in that case it'd be neat if you just could toggle the whole thing off.

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