[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 236390] iPad: PointerEvents stop getting sent to WebView after a 5-finger gesture

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--- Comment #17 from ae at seven.systems ---
WORKAROUND: I've developed a workaround for this problem as a small JavaScript snippet.


(sorry, compiled JS... but it's readable enough)

How to use:

- load via [script src="WebkitMouseFix.js"]
- if you determine that you are in danger of hitting this bug (i.e. you are on iOS and your users are potentially using a mouse), call WebkitMouseFix.init() once

How it works:

- once .init() has been called, it will detect whenever iOS stops sending pointer events for the mouse
- it will generate "artificial" pointerdown/move/up events from mousedown/move/up events
- it also has a custom emulated .setPointerCapture / .releasePointerCapture implementation for the artificial events

Only very little testing has been done, but seems to work well enough for simple cases.

Public Domain, feel free to share and improve!

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