[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 106658] Web Audio Api CreateBuffer and decodeAudioData DOM exception 12 when not on frame boundary

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--- Comment #5 from Ladislav Nevery <neuralll at gmail.com> ---
Dear Chris. Most Creators are seeing this error on complete files be it mp3 aac or m4a. As I explained containers of streamed formats contain all kind of  stuff and it is perfectly legitimate after 2decades of evolution for files to contain tags artworks embedded by iTunes or other tools. some production tools embed cue points during production  like Mixedinkey or various DJ software embeds key bpm etc . Ie if 2 decades old winamp windows media player or even ITunes can play streamed formats like mp3 m4a with embedded cover art without issue then why web-kit API has decade problem to do so after so many years with response Wont Fix? That's not very developer friendly approach. I guess Apple is protecting it's 30% App-store walled-garden by sabotaging web-audio as it did with refusing to support webgl 2 for so long. Why I event bother.

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