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--- Comment #10 from Antoine Quint <graouts at webkit.org> ---
As the document is initially parsed, Document::finishedParsing() is called and eventually Element::setStyleAffectedByEmpty() is called on the <div> under Style::TreeResolver::styleForStyleable(). The call to setStyleAffectedByEmpty() will set the StyleAffectedByEmpty flag which will allow the static function checkForEmptyStyleChange() to not return early when style changes occur on that <div> element later.

In the case where there is no `animation` style on that element, an additional call to Style::TreeResolver::resolveComposedTree() occurs due to a page rendering update and the <div> element is re-resolved. This time, when the <div> is visited, determineResolutionType() returns AnimationOnly and resetStyleRelations() is called, removing the StyleAffectedByEmpty flag.

This explains the change in behavior with or without the `animation` style. I'm not sure how to deal with this yet. Should we avoid calling resetStyleRelations() or should we have another call to setStyleAffectedByEmpty() afterwards?

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