[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 272326] REGRESSION (iOS 17.5 beta): Opening USDZ to AR QuickLook prompts user if they wish to open model

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Understood. Thanks for the confirmation. 

Is there a forum to discuss this or provide feedback?

I understand that this was probably introduced as a security/privacy measure. 

Although it seems like there's very little consequence to inadvertently opening a 3D model into an AR QuickLook session as it's a sandboxed environment and does not risk exposing any personal or spatial data to the originating web page.

Still, I understand the concept. 

But I feel this will interrupt the flow of many existing 3D/AR viewers in existence on the web today. Particularly as these custom 3D/AR experiences already set up the user expectation that they are about to view the model in AR.

For 3D configurator experiences, where the user may need to enter and exit AR repeatedly, while making adjustments to a 3D model and then viewing in AR, this will introduce an annoying interruption to the flow of the experience. 

I could better understand a site-wide Permissions request, similar to Camera / Geolocation / Microphone access. Approve once for a site and it will then automatically open for all models on that site.

But this new implementation will require the user to Allow each and every view of each and every model on each and every site.

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