[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 271820] Disabling both underline and strikethrough break the typed text

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Ahmad — Thanks for your reply.

Where can I download Safari TP 192? The latest released available on the Apple website is 191.

You can find a reproducible test case here: https://codepen.io/valentin-lab/pen/wvZjBoW.

This is a simple contentEditable div with two buttons to apply style.

To reproduce, follow the following steps:
 1. Select a word
 2. Click the button "S" (strikethrough) and "U" (underline) to apply both styles on the selected word
 3. Put the caret at the end of the word
 4. Click again both S and U buttons (the order doesn't matter)
 5. Write anything on the contentEditable div
 6. As you can see, the style previously applied change, the text is no longer underlined and striked through, it is only striked through.

I uploaded the video "Reproductible test case" that reproduce these steps.

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