[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 272136] New: Pointer Lock API does not work when Fullscreen API is enabled!

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            Bug ID: 272136
           Summary: Pointer Lock API does not work when Fullscreen API is
           Product: WebKit
           Version: Safari Technology Preview
          Hardware: Mac (Apple Silicon)
                OS: macOS 14
            Status: NEW
          Severity: Major
          Priority: P2
         Component: WebKit API
          Assignee: webkit-unassigned at lists.webkit.org
          Reporter: jeff03blue at gmail.com

Pointer Lock API does not work when Fullscreen API is enabled. You can see this in PWA apps that have been added to the dock from safari or normal safari web applications. 

Games use both fullscreen and pointer lock to function. Not having both at the same time is an issue. You can try this with geforce now and Xbox cloud gaming on safari, without a PWA installation:

1. Disable fullscreen API in the feature flags.

2. Go to https://play.geforcenow.com/mall/ and play a game like Fortnite.

- You will see you can use the mouse to click on the game UI and even look around when playing.

3. Re-enable the Fullscreen API in feature flags. Then quit and re open safari to make sure the changes apply.

4. Next go to https://www.xbox.com/en-us/play and play Fortnite.

- You will see the mouse can no longer be used to interact with the Ul. The mouse can also not be locked to moving around when playing a match.

- Note 1: You could also test this with GeForce now in Fullscreen mode, but for some reason even with the API enabled the game does not consistently launch in Fullscreen. This is why I have you try it with Xbox cloud gaming.
- Note 2: You could also test this by adding one of the website to the dock as a PWA installation. PWA always launch in Fullscreen mode.

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