[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 270235] [ MacOS Debug x86_64 ] webgl/pending/conformance/glsl/misc/shader-with-reserved-words-2.html is a consistent time out

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Tue Apr 2 14:52:32 PDT 2024


--- Comment #2 from Ryan Haddad <ryanhaddad at apple.com> ---
If you toggle "Show test times" on https://results.webkit.org/?suite=layout-tests&test=webgl%2Fpending%2Fconformance%2Fglsl%2Fmisc%2Fshader-with-reserved-words-2.html&platform=mac&style=debug, we can see that the test os often taking 20-30 seconds on x86 and 11-15 on arm64.

Seems like something finally pushed it over the edge and it is now hitting the timeout limit. Marking it as [ Slow ] for debug might resolve it if we want the test to keep running on debug.

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