[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 261653] [GTK] 2.42.0 supports WebGL/2 with compositing disabled?

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--- Comment #8 from Jim Mason <jmason at ibinx.com> ---
(In reply to Carlos Garcia Campos from comment #7)
> (In reply to Jim Mason from comment #6)
> > > Expected:  m_anglePlatform should be initialised for X11 and !GBM to some
> > valid value (e.g., EGL_PLATFORM_X11_KHR)
> > 
> So, was this enough for you to make it work?

Necessary but not sufficient.  A hack to deal with the Nicosia issue was also needed.  (For some on X11 with newer native drivers, it might be sufficient.)

> > 2. In GraphicsContextGLTextureMapperANGLE.cpp, use of the context attribute
> > EGL_CONTEXT_VIRTUALIZATION_GROUP_ANGLE (in support of Nicosia) fails with my
> > native driver.  Also, the subsequent two calls to setupCurrentTexture fail. 
> > (Note, Nicosia works elsewhere in the application; it is only failing here.)
> hmm, how did you make it work then?

Commented out that attribute and the two subsequent calls to setupCurrentTexture.  This is surely not a solution, but the tanks demo works and looks fine.

> I don't know how to handle the case of
> EGL_CONTEXT_VIRTUALIZATION_GROUP_ANGLE not being supported, I thought that
> was angle internal thing not depending on the driver.

For me, the call to EGL_CreateContext fails if the attribute is set.  I did not dig into what ANGLE is doing internally with the attribute.  Also, I did not investigate the failures of setupCurrentTexture, as I supposed it was somehow related to the attribute.

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