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Jim Mason <jmason at ibinx.com> changed:

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--- Comment #6 from Jim Mason <jmason at ibinx.com> ---
I finally got WebGL/2 working in my environment.  I am reopening, as there are two issues which you may wish to address:

1. PlatformDisplay::m_anglePlatform is not set for X11 and !GBM.  Code in PlatformDisplayANGLE.cpp refuses to proceed when this is not set.

Expected:  m_anglePlatform should be initialised for X11 and !GBM to some valid value (e.g., EGL_PLATFORM_X11_KHR)

2. In GraphicsContextGLTextureMapperANGLE.cpp, use of the context attribute EGL_CONTEXT_VIRTUALIZATION_GROUP_ANGLE (in support of Nicosia) fails with my native driver.  Also, the subsequent two calls to setupCurrentTexture fail.  (Note, Nicosia works elsewhere in the application; it is only failing here.)

The code suggests an alternate texture mapper is possible, as the code reads: #if USE(NICOSIA) ...Nicosia stuff... #else ...alternate implementation... #endif.  However, if I set USE_NICOSIA OFF and do a clean build, compilation breaks:

unique_ptr.h:962:30: error: invalid new-expression of abstract class type 'WebCore::TextureMapperGCGLPlatformLayer'
  962 |     { return unique_ptr<_Tp>(new _Tp(std::forward<_Args>(__args)...)); }
      |                              ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
In file included from webkitgtk-2.42.0/Source/WebCore/platform/graphics/texmap/GraphicsContextGLTextureMapperANGLE.cpp:43:

Expected:  It should be possible to build with USE_NICOSIA OFF.  As well, ideally, the ANGLE code for Nicosia should consider that not all drivers support EGL_CONTEXT_VIRTUALIZATION_GROUP_ANGLE and whatever is going on in setupCurrentTexture.

Thanks for reading and as always for your excellent work on the GTK port!

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