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--- Comment #1 from Ahmad Saleem <ahmad.saleem792 at gmail.com> ---
Manage to sort out other as well:

void SVGTextQuery::modifyStartEndPositionsRespectingLigatures(Data* queryData, const SVGTextFragment& fragment, unsigned& startPosition, unsigned& endPosition) const
    SVGTextLayoutAttributes* layoutAttributes = queryData->textRenderer->layoutAttributes();
    Vector<SVGTextMetrics>& textMetricsValues = layoutAttributes->textMetricsValues();

    unsigned textMetricsOffset = fragment.metricsListOffset;

    // Compute the offset of the fragment within the box, since that's the
    // space <startPosition, endPosition> is in (and that's what we need).
    int fragmentOffsetInBox = fragment.characterOffset - queryData->textBox->start();
    int fragmentEndInBox = fragmentOffsetInBox + fragment.length;
    // Find the text metrics cell that start at or contain the character startPosition.
    while (fragmentOffsetInBox < fragmentEndInBox) {
        SVGTextMetrics& metrics = textMetricsValues[textMetricsOffset];
        int glyphEnd = fragmentOffsetInBox + metrics.length();
        if (static_cast<int>(startPosition) < glyphEnd)
        fragmentOffsetInBox = glyphEnd;
    startPosition = fragmentOffsetInBox;

    // Find the text metrics cell that contain or ends at the character endPosition.
    while (fragmentOffsetInBox < fragmentEndInBox) {
        SVGTextMetrics& metrics = textMetricsValues[textMetricsOffset];
        fragmentOffsetInBox += metrics.length();
        if (fragmentOffsetInBox >= static_cast<int>(endPosition))

    endPosition = fragmentOffsetInBox;

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