[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 261180] Fix inconsistent LengthMode definition for 'textLength'

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Tue Sep 12 18:05:00 PDT 2023


--- Comment #5 from Said Abou-Hallawa <sabouhallawa at apple.com> ---
In WebKit we do not have inconsistency in the LengthMode when changing the baseVal of 'textLength'.

This is how  we create the textLength in SVGTextContentElement:

    Ref<SVGAnimatedLength> m_textLength { SVGAnimatedLength::create(this, SVGLengthMode::Other) };

And this is how we change its baseVal

    m_textLength->setBaseValInternal(SVGLengthValue::construct(SVGLengthMode::Other, newValue, parseError, SVGLengthNegativeValuesMode::Forbid));

So the LengthMode is always SVGLengthMode::Other.

If you want to change the LengthMode to be SVGLengthMode::Width, please retitle this bug. Otherwise please close it.

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