[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 261056] AX: Expose accessibility attributes for inline text predictions

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--- Comment #22 from Andres Gonzalez <andresg_22 at apple.com> ---
(In reply to Joshua Hoffman from comment #21)
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> Patch

--- a/Source/WebCore/accessibility/ios/AccessibilityObjectIOS.mm
+++ b/Source/WebCore/accessibility/ios/AccessibilityObjectIOS.mm

+        // Find the location of the the complete word being predicted by iterating backwards through the text to find whitespace.

Typo: the the 

+        previousCompositionNodeText = previousCompositionNodeText.substring(wordStart);

If wordStart is 0, we are unnecessarily copying previousCompositionNodeText. Can we avoid this copy?

+static void attributedStringSetCompositionAttributes(NSMutableAttributedString *attributedString, RenderObject* renderer)
+    if (!renderer)
+        return;
+    RefPtr object = renderer->document().axObjectCache()->getOrCreate(renderer);
+    auto lastPresentedCompleteWord = object->lastPresentedTextPredictionComplete();

Check object for null before using it?
Also, we are copying the strings unnecessarily. You may want to make the inline method lastPresentedTextPredictionComplete() to return a reference.

+    auto lastPresentedTextPrediction = object->lastPresentedTextPrediction();

Same comment applies here to lastPresentedTextPrediction().

--- /dev/null
+++ b/LayoutTests/accessibility/ios-simulator/inline-prediction-attributed-string.html

+    editable.focus();

editable.xxx --> document.getElementById("editable").xxx instead.

+    input.insertText("Good mo")

Missing ;

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